Malgorzata Iwona Szynkowska, PhD

Affiliation: Institute of General and Ecological Chemistry, Technical University of Lodz, Lodz (Poland)
Title: Applications of mass spectrometry to forensic sciences: ToF-SIMS and LA-ICP- ToF-MS


Kevin Lothridge, PhD

Affiliation: National Forensic Science Technology Center (USA)
Title: Global Responsibility: The Role We Play in Developing Forensic Science


Alexey L. Pomerantsev, PhD

Affiliation: Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics RAS (Russia)
Title: Recognition of patterns in pattern recognition


Keming Yun, PhD

Affiliation: School of Forensic Medicine, Shanxi Medical University (China)
Title: The Forensic Toxicokinetics of Poisoning Biomarker

Ashraf Mozayani, PhD

Affiliation: Texas Southern University, Texas (USA)
Title: Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault: The Right Investigation, the Right Specimen, the Right Lab and, the Right Interpretation

Jean-François FOCANT, PhD

Affiliation: CART, Organic and Biological Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry – University of Liège, Liège, (Belgium)
Title: Recent Advances in the Analytical Chemistry of Cadaveric Decomposition